Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8 inches Screen Protector, UV Liquid Light Glue HD Tempered Glass Fingerprint unlock

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Color: clear
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Feature :

Enhanced Impact Resistance

Hardness 9H which is extremely hard
Protects Keys or Knife Damage!
Oleophobic Coating to protect finger marks
Protects against scratches and blemishes
Easy to put on and take off

Installation Notes:
1. Clean your cellphone screen with alcohol wipes;

2. Put your cellphone on the install frame which is included with purchase;

3. Pour down liquid glue on cellphone screen;

4. Turn off the back film of tempered glass, and put one side of glass to contact with liquid glue( If there is bubbles, lift the tempered glass and put it down again until the bubbles is missing ). And then put other side down to wait for the glue covering whole screen

5. Use UV light to irradiate the cellphone screen for about 60 seconds until the glue is solidified. The longer you try, the stronger the glass stick


1x Tempered Glass
1x UV Solid State Violet Light
1x 1 Cleaning Set
1X UV Liquid State Glue

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