What is an API and How Does It Work?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.
An API is like an open language with rules shared by a certain service.
You can teach your application the rules of this language so it can communicate with the service and access all the functions and data that the service is ready to share.
Speaking a little more formally, an API is an interface that allows your application to interact with an external service using a simple set of commands.
You do not need to know the internal logic of the service, just send a simple command, and the service will return the necessary data.
APIs tie disparate applications together, allowing them to complement each other.

The Guide to Accessing Using an API

Before using an API, please register an account on daviddropship.com, and then tell us your registered email via the Contact Us page to apply for an API account. After receiving your application, your account information will be reviewed in one business day and we will inform you by email.

How to start using an API?

  • Get Token
  • Authenticate token before use API. The effective time is 1 hour (3600s).

  • Get Wish List
  • Get product data from your wish list.

  • Get Category List
  • Get all category data from DavidDropShip.

  • Get Product List
  • Get product data by DavidDropShip's category ID.

  • Get Product List By Time
  • Get product data by datetime.

  • Get Stock And Price
  • Get product stock and price info by DavidDropShip's product ID.

  • Get Stock And Price By Time
  • Get product stock and price info by datetime.

  • Import Orders
  • Orders generated by merchants from their own platforms can be imported to DavidDropShip via the API. After importing orders, you need to login your account, click manage order, select unpaid orders, and pay with Store Credit.

  • Get Order Tracking Numbers
  • Get tracking numbers through API. Please update original orders which have no shipping details every 12 hours.